Burland Commercial is one of the few San Diego commercial real estate firms to exclusively represent tenants. Although our firm’s principal, Josh Burland, has many years of experience representing owners, developers, and landlords, Burland Commercial has chosen to leverage that experience to provide value for tenants and buyers. This strategy has eliminated the conflict of interest that so often arises within larger commercial real estate companies.

As your tenant representative, Burland Commercial will:

  • Help you determine the most optimal layout and space requirements for your company
  • Search both the open market and "off-market" for properties that meet your requirements
  • Create competition between multiple landlords for your business
  • Negotiate the most favorable lease terms for your new or existing property
  • Protect you from common pitfalls
  • Prepare paperwork and contracts including proposals, letters of intent, formal requests, etc.
  • Act as a buffer between you and your landlord
  • Provide ongoing service throughout the term of the lease and long thereafter

Tenant representation saves you money over the long term, and requires absolutely NO out of pocket expense from your company. Fees are paid by the landlord, and are typically deducted from their agent’s full commission, meaning your business will reap the benefits without any costs to your company.

Lease Renewals

Burland Commercial assists with all stages of leases, including renewals. Whether you have an option to renew in place or not, it pays to have the best advocate and information on your side. If your Landlord thinks they have a captive tenant, they are less likely to renew with favorable terms for you: Let Burland Commercial take you out into the market, and negotiate with your Landlord. Make your Landlord earn your business again, not just assume it

Why do you need a tenant representative?

Most business owners associate a new lease, lease renewal, or building purchase with "how much and where", but simplifying such a complex endeavor is a mistake. Your commercial lease agreement is perhaps the longest contract you have with any client or vendor, and real estate costs are likely one of your largest expenses.Commercial real estate decisions carry substantial and lasting implications.

Your commercial lease has been carefully drafted by your landlord’s representation to afford them as many rights and financial advantages over you as possible. You would not have an unqualified person negotiate contracts for your company’s own goods or services, and the same should be true regarding the site selection and lease/purchase negotiation for your commercial premises. Your site search will be efficient, and you will obtain more advantageous terms with an experienced tenant/buyer representative working on your behalf.

The landlord’s listing agent has a legal fiduciary responsibility to get the most money for their client, so the next time you are driving around calling on signs remember that those agents are focused on pleasing the landlord, and they are doing so at your expense. As a tenant representative, Burland Commercial is legally bound to get the most for our client: YOU.